5 Staples for your Winter Wardrobe

5 Staples for your Winter Wardrobe

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The cold winter months are coming up fast, and for some, they are already here. Streets and sidewalks will be covered in a white blanket of snow, and trees will shed their luminescent colored leaves. However, that doesn’t mean that your wardrobe has to follow suit. Don’t fall in line with the rest of the crowd and lose your sense of style. The winter is a great time to redefine your sense of style, if you already haven’t. Layers won’t only be a means to stay warm, but also a way to show off your personality and make a statement in every room you enter. Even if you slip on a patch of black ice or get a face full of snow, be sure your wardrobe makes you look good when it happens. Here’s 5 staples for your winter wardrobe.

The Pea Coat

The Pea Coat is a timeless classic. Look into a short history of the Pea Coat and you may find it dates back to somewhere around the 1700’s. Crazy, I know. Don’t let the date scare you off though. The Pea Coat has evolved and changed with the times. It is now a well tapered status statement that is a great way to keep you warm during the cold winter days. Pea coats can virtually make anything look better and make the better, look its best. Throw them over sweaters, shirts, suits, or even t-shirts (given the right circumstances) to bring everything together.


The weather won’t change abruptly, and some days will be relatively warmer than others, so what do you do when you need the layers but not the Pea Coat? Break out the Pullover. One of the greatest things about the Pullover is that you can go straight from outside in, without burning up from having too many layers on. They tend to be more subtle on looks, which is great for wearing them as a full on part of your outfit rather than just an “add-on” for dealing with the climate. Think, suit with pullover as a substitute for the blazer. It might change your life.


This may seem like the obvious choice, but they’re necessary in every region. On the other hand, they CAN be worn in every region without over doing it. Whether you choose to go with a light boot like something from Polo or the more terrain oriented and rugged Timberland, boots can help defeat the climate and dress any outfit up or down. There are different boots that will fit anyone’s style. It just takes a bit of searching. Tread the cold winter nights with style and utility wearing the right pair of boots.



Don’t choose the first scarf you find and say, “Oh, now I’m in style”, that isn’t how it quite works. If you choose to wear a scarf it has to be “timed right” to say the least. Although an outfit might work well as is, throwing a scarf on could throw that out of the window. If you’re a guy then a classic Over-the-Neck style will do just fine. No need to try and make it more appealing by wearing some complicated knot. Just let it sit plain and it will compliment everything else own its own. For girls, the story is a bit different. Girls tend to put more effort into their wardrobe overall and their outfits, so it isn’t out of range if you’d like to try some knots and ties to put that extra “umph” on it.

Don’t be afraid to try something new with your wardrobe, the winter is just as great of time as any to experiment with different looks.

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