5 Ways to Become Better at First Person Shooters

5 Ways to Become Better at First Person Shooters

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Whether you’re new to the ever growing community of video game players or an all-around veteran, chances are you’ve played a First Person Shooter (FPS). Even though you may have enjoyed playing it, there’s a chance you didn’t do too well maybe because of the level of other players or it just wasn’t your game. That’s why you’re reading this article right? Okay, maybe not, but I have a few pointers that could help you up your game. Instead of doing a step-by-step format, I’ll just give some pointers, so you can decide where there is room for improvement. Without further delay, 5 ways to become better at First Person Shooters.

  1. Go Through the Motions

Just get a solid understanding of how everything works and the mechanics of your chosen game. At the start of every match there is always that one person who races off into the map and three seconds later you see their name in the bottom right corner that they were killed. Chances are the person does this all the time, slow down. Take your time to check corners, let the other team show themselves first, and figure out where everyone on your team is.

Realize that jumping will rarely save you. Time and time again players freak out and jump all over the screen just so the enemy can get a quick game of Duck Hunt in. It doesn’t help, it really doesn’t. Even if you feel it does. Try Drop Shots instead.  Firing from the hip is one of those things too. Try to avoid doing it. Aiming down the sights will give more damage and accuracy. Lastly, fire in burst. Just holding down the trigger will produce more kick back and move you further away from the target. Try a quick press and release rhythm when in a fire fight (if at midrange or further). You can usually get away with full auto up close.

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    Master the World Around you

Wondering around a map aimlessly is a sure fire way to die. Figure out the layout of the map you’re on if you don’t know it already. While mapping the layout find the spawn points of the map as well. This will help you avoid getting into situations where you’re outnumbered. While all that is fine and dandy, you shouldn’t rely heavily on the maps either. This tends to make you watch the map more than the screen, and we all know how that ends. Pow. Both points are especially true for games without mini-maps like Gears of War.  If you’re consistently losing fire fights, find a vantage point to take out a few enemies then head down to the fight. In no way am I advocating camping. Those people shall not be named.

  1. Figure out what Works Best for you

So one of your friends in person or online will try to tell you what guns to use because they do well with them. That might be a good starting place, but what you should do is try different combinations of guns, attachments, equipment, and perks to see what helps you unleash your reign of terror with. Everyone is different and we all play different, so different combinations work for different people. When you find a gun you prefer or work well with, build on that. Before you know it you’ll have a go to setup. You should also try out a few different button layouts. Your natural reflexes may work better with something other than the default button layout.

  1. Imitate

In the last paragraph I advised against doing what other people tell you to do, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch and learn. The things is, if your buddy who told you to use said “ awesome gun” and perks has a Kill/Death ratio lower than the ground, you probably don’t want to take advice from him.  Watch what the people who consistently rank high on the match list do and imitate them. Some methods will work and some won’t, but you have to try to figure out which do. The easiest way to do this is by staying in the same lobbies for an extended duration of time to play with the same people. You can also just add the best players out of every match and invite them whenever you’re both online. (Bonus tip: follow YouTube channels of gamers).

  1. Play your Part

There is nothing more annoying than a Healer running around trying to play the part of Gunner or Infantry. If you like playing the strategy modes of an FPS you must play your part to help the success of the team. The old cliché, “There is no I in team” couldn’t be truer in this situation. Play your part, and play it well. To do so, you must communicate as much as possible. Even if you can’t communicate, you can at least figure out how everyone on your team plays then play around that. If you have a “Run n’ Gun” on your team, follow him so he doesn’t die. If everyone stays back in the beginning of the match, you should too. Try to build a slight understanding of how the team operates. It’ll make a drastic change.

Now get out there and go show the world what you’re made of.