90’s Phones Comeback

90’s Phones Comeback

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Oh, the joys of reminiscing our felt wonder when we had our first sights on our first mobile phones. Can you still remember your first ever tiny phone given by your parents most likely that one Christmas day? That phone with 12 or more keys that you have to press four times just to get an ‘S’; that phone with bright-colored back ground, and customizable acetate for added quirk? That phone where you can compose your own ringtones using key sounds with sharps and flats? And of course, who could forget our all-time favorite games we outgrew on and spent most of our summer days with: snake and space impact?

We have spent most of our childhood with these cellular phones, and the nostalgia it can bring is undeniable. This also makes us proud being a kid of the 90’s, because kids today wouldn’t understand or appreciate the simplicity of technology back on our days. They wouldn’t understand how things are done in a more challenging way back then. And they would never understand why polyphonic tones are better than monotones. But now that several news are circulating the air and web about retro 90’s phones making a comeback, would you dare get one for yourself?

Here are some reasons to guide you on your decision making:

It’s Indestructible

Old phones with their firm and hard cases are not as bendable as the smartphones of today. You would surely feel assured of its toughness even when you accidentally drop it from the second floor. Compared to high-tech phones of today, 90’s phones are like the Chuck Norris of mobile phones’ history. You wouldn’t be afraid if your toddler niece or kid throws it against the wall. You wouldn’t be afraid if it’d get some scratches because it will never do (if it does, you can simply change its case, which is also very cheap). The point is 90’s phones are so sturdy that you wouldn’t even mind to put a fragile note to it when you include it in a package.

It’s Nostalgic

This is already given, and maybe the top reason why you would buy a retro phone when it comes back.  It just gives you that same feeling of your early days to technology. The times when you were innocent of the mystery of gadgets, and when you felt proud letting your friends know that you finally got your own 2-liner cellphone. 90’s phones will remind you of the days when you were so stoked with texting that you never cared how much your phone bill will be because you never really had to pay. And oh, your excitement to customize everything from phone cases to ringtones. There were not much to customize actually but the fun was like twice greater! In short, old phones would remind you of the good old days.

Battery lasts forever

To clear that up, the battery doesn’t really lasts forever but it lasts more than a week. So basically it’s almost like the same thing. This issue is the most problem of any smartphones of today. The apps, WIFI, 3G and internal processes drain its battery life in an instant. And we know how important our phones in our daily lives. Some people cannot even properly live without accessing their phones for a day. And most of the time, the battery of our phones ran out in times that we need it the most. So in case your phone’s battery life runs out as fast as Charlie Sheen changes his girlfriend, consider buying an extra retro phone in times of emergency. Or just stick to a 90’s phone forever. Yes?


Most of the old phones have no access to WIFI, Bluetooth, and don’t have GPS that make it almost impossible to be tracked by authorities. If you’re the type of person who is too concerned with privacy, old phones are the best suggestion for you. There are even rumors that these types of phones are being used by smugglers for their operations because it is that safe and private. Old phones, specifically Nokia brands, is said selling like hotcakes in Britain as illegal groups hunt down these types of phones because aside from it cannot be traced, these phones’ batteries last longer. However, for normal and law abiding people like us, we can see this as a perfect communication tool to protect our privacy from the ears of strangers.

Remodelled units

Microsoft has finally launched its new unit of remodelled Nokia 3310.The catch: it now has 41MP camera, and more! Rumours say that this could be the beginning of the rise of retro phones. Tons of people were startled from the news that our ever-loved Nokia 3310 is coming back with added perks and applications. Aside from its stunning camera features, the new Nokia 3310 also comes with WIFI, sensors, and super sensitive touch screens. The downside: the new 3310 has changed so much that it almost doesn’t resemble the old Nokia unit. However, it is still the Nokia 3310 by name, and some of its physical features. Who knows, it might also have the new versions of the games that we loved most, snake and space impact. That would be amazing!