Achieving Perfect Parisian Style Anywhere in the World

Achieving Perfect Parisian Style Anywhere in the World


Parisian style is as timeless as the grey streets of the city itself, but you don’t have to be from Paris or even French at all to pull off the style. Think of it more as a concept than a uniform. Vive la mode!


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No matter the length or style, Parisian hair is completely effortless (which is just the right amount of effort I’m willing to put in most weekday mornings). The classic is perfectly tousled, “artfully rumpled” waves. And bangs. Gotta love bangs. Jeanne Damas says that she keeps her fringe looking wispy and homemade by trimming them herself. Head scarves à la the 60’s or a messy bun are also good ways to give off the gamine insouciance vibe.


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French style is known to be rather minimalistic. This definitely bleeds over to the realm of makeup. A pop of a red lip or the flick of a cat eye are two quintessentially Parisian looks. A great classic red lipstick to try is Ruby Woo by MAC, or try Damask by Laura Mercier for a more neutral yet luxe red. Liquid liner is my favorite to use for a cat eye. Eyeko’s Eye Do Eyeliner makes the process of getting each eye symmetrical much less frustrating, although it is still pretty vexing.


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The key to getting that enviable style is in the clothes. French closets are made up of high quality investments which last the test of time and trends–including white button downs , oversized cashmere sweaters, fitted blazers, sleek cigarette pants, a-line skirts, and trench coats. Remember: always be understated. As the famous Coco Chanel quote goes, “Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” Ines de la Fressange exemplifies simplistic chic in a navy and white pairing. Somehow three basic pieces can culminate into an outfit worthy of inspiring a look of your own.