Anxiety of Mondays

Anxiety of Mondays


Have you ever felt that you just got off from your desk, started preparing for a Friday night, and then poof! The Anxiety of Mondays comes rushing all over again? I’m pretty sure everyone has been there and done that. Coming across someone who genuinely loves Monday is unusual, strange, quite eccentric, I would say. Because of all days, the seven innocuous days, why would you be excited for a Monday?  Everyone has their reasons for having anxiety of Mondays but many of us probably quibble for the same ones:

Withdrawal from the weekend

If only to reform the week is a possible option, I would definitely suggest adding more days between Saturday and Sunday. What makes us cringe about the arrival of Monday is it’s the finest evidence that the party days are officially over. Regardless if you haven’t yet recovered from your ugly hang-over or your body clock is taking its time to adjust to make you function in the morning, Monday will come to remind you of your responsibilities despite of your muscle aches. When you were just starting to get comfortable with your lazy and steady days aka weekend, Monday gives a hard slap as a cue that you don’t have the rights to be indolent because you’ve got bills to pay. Withdrawal from the weekend is like a real withdrawal from anything else, but worse. There would be lethargy, various pain, weeping, mixed emotions, and hopelessness of successfully surviving the week. Withdrawal phase is a real challenge, and Monday is the most crucial part of it. That is why we hate Mondays, because it is the inevitable state of separation from ease and appreciation of the beautiful things about life. We hate Monday because Monday is the day of dread right after we had the most glorious ones.

Overwhelming workload

Last Friday you were too excited to jump out of your office seat, you immediately headed to the pub for that celebratory drink and left some of your tasks hanging unfinished. You probably didn’t see this coming, but your Friday ecstasy will surely pay on Monday. On Monday, where most likely your boss will schedule a marathon of meetings because he knows well how to add pressure on this same day that you have to complete your tasks with the same day’s deadline: Monday. Of course, because Monday is the start of a new week, it is when you usually receive a new work load to complete. So there would be a new pile of papers to add to your unfinished tasks. Now, can it get any worse? Sure do. Your new work load might be extra challenging, too, because a new week is for new things to learn at the office. Just wait and that panic attack will definitely hit you until you question your every decision in life, like why are you still on that same place at the first place. You’ll question yourself if you really deserve your mishaps; why of all people, why you? What have you done for you to face this kind of life challenges, and would you even able to survive? You might even come to the point of hopelessness, remorse, anger, and sorrow. Get yourself together. Breathe in, breathe out, because later you might probably realize that it is because you chose that bottle of booze rather than to face your responsibilities. Later, it will sink in that it is just another Monday like any other Monday that gives you the exact struggles you have faced a thousand times before. It is just another day reminding you that Monday is the cursed a day that we all anticipate for; but will eventually pass because we already know how to bear with it. It is just that another day that we all have to face with all our might and courage. So keep calm, it’s just Monday.

Beginning of hell week

Another reason that gives us Monday blues, Monday anxiety and dread is because we know hell week have just started. Monday is the first day of the war, of our daily battle together with all the other warriors. Warriors who bravely rise up in the earliest hour of morning to face the cold water with a brain that’s half-awake. Warriors who dress up nicely, take the road like a zombie, with happy memories from the weekend, but instantaneously become aware with rushing adrenaline when the bus arrives because we know we have to be jammed with other passengers. We know we have to touch each other’s sweaty skin because we just all want to reach our workplace. We face this same battle to and from work for the rest of the week: the same traffic jam, endless waiting in line, exhaustion, hysteria and confusion. A lifeless routine that we have to take and we have no choice but to succumb. Monday is the start of it all. The killer of joy, the wick of explosion, the first seconds of the time bomb, it is called Monday, and we hate it because we know it is the beginning of our daily war that is too far from the end. We hate Monday because it is far, far away from Friday.