Cara Delevingne Jack Of All Trades

Cara Delevingne Jack Of All Trades

Is there anything Delevingne can't do?!

Cara of all trades

Have you ever asked yourself, Is there anything Delevingne can’t do?!  How do I become a jack of all trades like that!

She gets to walk the runways, wears famous designer brands, appears on the big screen, and performances with tricks up her sleeve—singing and beatboxing. The world adores her, she’s just about one of the hottest stars in Hollywood and the fashion scene right now.

A model, actress, and singer Cara Delevingne, whose world is what I just described, we can safely say that her career is definitely at its peak—and it doesn’t look like it will go anywhere but up! She’s just so naturally amazing at tons of things, and her fun personality and witty jokes add to the pot of awesomeness that she truly is.

Naturally, she deserves this. That’s what she loves doing, and so she’s rocking it by showing the rest of the world just how much she deserves the limelight! But of course, having said that about her, we just can’t help but feel a teensy bit jealous… If Cara were here right now, she’d probably tell us to stop.

Embrace your flaws

The secret to living like Cara Delevingne is to not be like Cara Delevingne. This lady advocates being yourself, no matter how cliché you think that sounds, because there truly isn’t any other way to live. Turn your weaknesses into strengths, hone your talents, and just keep on shining, you shooting star. This may be easier said than done, but it’s a unique process everyone goes through. Cara happened to have her breakthrough at 22 years old. Your time will come!

Learn, learn and don’t stop learning

If you want to do something: do it! Try out different things, explore new places, let your imagination run wild. If you feel like you can succeed in being good at a lot of things, then by all means let loose and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Cara is just like you and me; she wasn’t born with supernatural powers that made her amazing at everything. She worked hard, always believed in herself, and we’re seeing all of that pay off!

Take it easy

We all have our ups and downs. Cara’s life isn’t a magical ride; she faces life hiccups, too. Whatever you’re going through, you’ll get through it—and it’s okay to ask for help. May it be from your best friend, older sibling, mom, or boss, you’re never alone. Look out for yourself.

Time to take what we’ve learned from Cara Delevingne’s social presence into our lives: let’s do all that we can within our capabilities and enjoy it! You never know when you might get discovered.