Don’t Be In-Zayn Online!

Don’t Be In-Zayn Online!


We’ve all heard the famous saying, “Think before you speak.” In today’s digital world, “speak” has been replaced with words like “type,” “post,” and “click.” This truly is a golden advice one should follow when it comes to social media etiquette. You wouldn’t want to risk looking ignorant or arrogant.

Most celebs have had their slips in the past, and so have we; we’re only human, after all. But there’s a fine line between committing a mistake and doing it on purpose. Take former One Direction band member Zayn Malik, for example. It’s been half a year since he left they famous musical group, but his presence is still largely felt on social media—especially Twitter—today…because of his rash tweeting.

OK, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Being under the spotlight can really get under your skin. But picking a fight with Louis Tomlinson, Naughty Boy, Calvin Harris, and that infamous RT against Little Mix—no matter how much they all deserve it in your opinion—in a short span of time is a little questionable, don’t you think?

The solution? This guide. (Don’t be like Zayn!)

Keep Your Cool In Check (on Twitter or elsewhere):

  1. How mad am I, really?

“This person said something bad about me. I should fight back!” Whoa, hold your horses. It’s not always wise to do that! How severe was the comment? Calm down and evaluate it first. Do you think your anger will blow over in a day? Then it’s okay; carry on. Is it a life-and-death situation? If so, sometimes, not (directly) answering the person can make them look stupid. Try to counteract the comment by just proving the person wrong. Then maybe take a pic and post it. Actions speak louder than words, honey!

  1. Taking the high road

Maturity is something to be applauded. You don’t always have to stoop down to their level by getting mad at them like they are at you. Offer a calm and cool response, maybe even apologize, and just be the better person. Sometimes, they’re just not worth your time. Think of this: other celebrities get bashed by a lot of people on a daily basis, and they don’t always care. Take that cue from them!

  1. Some things are better in DM

You don’t have to broadcast every single thought on social media. Why not privately message the person to sort things out? Communication can solve 90% of misunderstandings, so it’s better if you keep your chill and have a nice chat with the other party. You’ll look totally brave, too, because you want to talk more about it rather than just fighting fire with fire. Kudos to you!

Now, if you’ve got bad temper and are on a rebellious moment in your life like Zayn, I suggest you reread the 3 steps mentioned. It’ll be for your own good, too! No one likes a mad hatter!