Dress Better on a Budget

Dress Better on a Budget

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With the new season coming in, the clothes we’ve all quickly grown used to will once again be obsolete. Shorts, T-shirts, and Tank tops will be only a dream in a few months. Luckily, that means that you’ll have a reason to go get a completely new wardrobe. The only thing stopping you now is actually buying what you want. Oh, yes, there is also money involved. As much as we’d all like to buy a new Ralph Lauren Pea coat, $400 dollars just doesn’t sound reasonable for a lot of us. There are ways around this dilemma, and a few places that can help save you some money in the process of buying new clothes.

Start with the Obvious

Unfortunately, I would have started by recommending buying clothes out of season, but since it’s little too late for that, looking in the obvious places are up first. At this moment you may be thinking “how is this helpful”, but just stick with me. When I say obvious places I mean local stores are the first places to look. Marshalls and T.J. Maxx sale retail clothes at discount prices year-round. I might add that it is common place to find brands like Nike, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, Hollister, Steve Madden, and even Banana Republic in these stores. If you don’t have a discount store similar to those then looking for deals in the retail stores themselves isn’t a terrible idea either. There are plenty of Back to School sales going on around the fall too. You may come across a deal or two you weren’t expecting to see in your favorite store.

Resort to Online

If the physical stores just aren’t cutting it, search online. Believe it or not Amazon and eBay actually have good deals on name brand clothing. On Amazon you can usually find a seller trying to get rid of inventory of last year’s fall stuff or just trying to undercut their competition in the online marketplace. Either way, it means you pay less. It may take some digging to find some good deals, but you’ll surely come across a few. EBay on the other hand offers new and used clothes. If you don’t mind wearing lightly worn clothing this could be a viable option. Most of the used clothes on eBay are dirt cheap compared to what they usually sell for. You can even find people selling the same shirts or pants in bulk that’s different colors at a discount. We’ve all had that one article of clothing we wear way too much in a month’s time. Why not have multiple of them? At least you won’t look as crazy.

Search Real then Find the Fake

This one is simple, look around for whatever clothes you may be interested in – shirt, pants, etc. Take pictures or do your best to remember them. Then once you have a good list of things with pictures and the original price, look around in every other place you can think of to find the most similar article of clothing. We tend to only want the exact piece of clothing we’re looking at then end up making a hasty decision and buy it. Even though deep down, we know we shouldn’t have. So, by knowingly “window shopping” with real intent to buy cheaper later, it can really help save the money in the long. This can be applied to any given time. Before you buy something, simply ask yourself, could I find this same thing or something very similar for a cheaper price? It might change your life.

The deals are out there. You just have to be more willing to look for them and they will come. Be smart about what you purchase and try to save wear you can. If you must have that new coat because you don’t believe anything can compare to it, well hey, at least you tried. Happy hunting.