Ever Gone 0 – 62mph in 3 Seconds? Maybe you can

Ever Gone 0 – 62mph in 3 Seconds? Maybe you can

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Ferrari’s new 488 GTB can get you there. It does this so easily because it’s packing a 661 hp twin-turbo V8. It can also hit a top speed of 205mph (329kph). Cup holders are not included but, who cares about cup holders when they have all that sheer power at their disposal? The new edition to the Ferrari line up is faster, lighter, and more powerful than the 458 Italia it replaces.  Ferrari has a reputation for creating amazing machines with style and elegance. The iconic bright red, known as Rossa Corsa, and sleek curves of Ferrari’s have turned millions of heads over the years.  However, only a lucky few will ever get a chance to drive or even ride in a speed machine like this. The experience of owning one comes with a $242,737 price tag. A little out of reach for the average consumer. Then again if you really wanted one there’s a chance. How do you get to drive or own a super car like this? Let’s explore the options.


There are different ways one can gain the chance to get behind the wheel of a super expensive, super-fast car. Some ways are easier than others and some are downright gruesome. A very common way of building wealth is through Entrepreneurship. There are a countless number of wealthy people out there who made their millions from founding their own companies. Forbes has the Forbes 400 that list the 400 richest people in the world. Most of them made their money through entrepreneurship. Think of an idea, build a business around it, and buy a car. Boom. Have fun burning tires in your new ride. This route won’t get you there over night, but it has been replicated many times.

Become Famous

Look at any picture of a celebrity in their car and there’s a good chance it’s expensive and fast. Every once in a while you’ll see one of your favorites doing a promotion for a watch, clothing line, or even a car (see where this is going?). Becoming famous has a lot of perks to it. You’re adored everywhere you go, you get to travel the world, you have a better chance of dating a super model than most, and people will give you stuff for free. Free stuff! We usually associate fame with wealth. With that wealth comes the ability to buy the car you want. Now, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Celebrities sometimes work extremely long hours. They also can be away from home for months or occasionally years on end. They have no privacy either. I guess if you make it you wouldn’t want to leave that lifestyle either. Be ready to make sacrifices for the fame. You never know, maybe that super model spouse will buy you any car you want.

Automotive Journalism

If driving a car to its limits and telling others what you like and don’t like about it sounds like heaven, consider becoming an Automotive Journalist. It won’t only be driving cars, but you’ll get access to look at new ones before the rest of the world. Companies will ask you to write things, good or bad, about their cars and pay you to do it. This job will also allow you to travel around the world to places like Ferrari’s Fiorano track in Italy. The public only gets to ride buses around the track most of the time unless you’re well connected. If you do a good enough job, companies will continue to invite you back time and time again to review their cars. To start a career in this field you’ll need to know a decent amount about cars, be comfortable with on screen time, develop some driving skills, and depending on the route you go, have strong grammar and writing abilities. If you want to see what may be in store for your future, watch Chris Harris drift a Ferrari F12.

Rent One

Just experiencing it once or twice may do you enough justice. If that’s the case then save up some money to rent one for a weekend. There are places that will rent exotic and luxury cars out to almost anyone with a driver’s license and the cash to pay. This is a “cheaper” way to realize those dreams of riding down the street with wind blowing through your hair in a bright colored, Italian, super car. You can even find a school to teach you track driving skills in some very fast cars. You can expect to pay at least $5,000 to rent one. It’s doable, but it’ll take some time to save the money.

The 488 GTB will be released in September of 2015. If you want to get yours or experience the thrill of this awesome car, better start working on it now.

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