Everyone wants to be Drake’s Friend

Everyone wants to be Drake’s Friend

(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)

Recently, the platinum recording artist came under fire from Meek Mill, a Philadelphia native rapper. Meek posted a tweet that accused Drake of having a ghost writer by the name of Quetin Miller who wrote some of Drake’s popular songs.

The tweet that caused the commotion, “Stop comparing me to Drake too….He don’t even write his own raps! That’s why he ain’t tweet my album because we found out!” was posted on Meek Mill’s known personal twitter account. Although Drake does not post directly to his Twitter account, it’s evident he has a Social Media Manager, word still got back to the Toronto native rapper within hours of the original tweet. This is the 21st century. Meek just released his new album that Drake had a feature on a song entitled “R.I.C.O”, so the hatred came as a surprise to everyone. The two had also worked together before on other tracks such as “Amen”.

Drake responded to these accusations swiftly, he first released “Charged Up”, which acted as a warning shot at Meek that featured only subtle lines that hinted at Meek. Two days following Charged Up, Drake released “Back to Back”. This time around, the entire song was directed at Meek Mill. “Is that a world tour or your girls tour”, Drake hints at how Nicki Minaj put Meek Mill on her tour only after the two started dating. The song immediately exploded on the internet causing memes, tweets, and Instagram posts that said Meek’s career was over. Jealousy can be detrimental to anyone, as we have seen firsthand.

With all of the attention the feud has been generating, as of now Drake has been crowned the winner even after Meek Mill responded with his own diss track. Drake has now become the popular choice among the public and has been gaining plenty of new fans that would love the chance to hang out with the rapper that has been seen hanging out with other celebrities and athletes like Lerbron James, his longtime mentor Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Kanye West, and even going to events with America’s Sweetheart, Taylor Swift.

Who doesn’t want to have celebrity friends to text and have just so they can talk to for the sake of conversation (and being that cool), right? Since social media is a thing, a very big part of our everyday lives, it is very possible to come in contact with celebs, but there’s other ways too. Here are a few ways you might be able to become Drake’s friend or getting celebrity friends.

1. Start Off with C and D Listers

These celebrities and famous people (lower tier celebs) aren’t being bombarded constantly with fan mail and social media directed towards them. Your chances of them reading your tweets and other social media posts that contain their name or just anything that they can see is much higher with them rather than some like Drake.

2. Go where the Stars Align

The famous and well known figures have places like clubs, restaurants, malls, and stores that they go to all the time. Figure out the most popular ones they go to and make that your new spot to hang out. Of course, if you live in L.A. or New York this is much easier done than if you live in a city that isn’t known for celebrities living in. If you do see them, approach with caution and normality. You don’t want to come off as a crazy super fan and scare them off. Be casual and be yourself. It couldn’t hurt to tell them you’re a fan of their work, though.

3. Write Fan mail Occasionally

Since everyone’s go to method to communicate with celebrities is through social media, sending them fan mail is a good option. You can usually find out any celebs mailing address through their talent agency or manager that be found online. Most people won’t think of this because mailing letters is dying off because of email and social media, so it’ll stand out among the crowd. Again, just talk to them in a normal tone, don’t sound like a fan.

4. Social Media

Yes, this is how everyone else is going to try to make contact, like I said before, but keeping up with their social media accounts and tagging them in response to what they post may lead to the then replying to what you have posted. It happens all the time, your post just have to be good enough to stand out among the crowd. This also shows them you know what’s going on with them.

5. Once you Have a Celeb Friend Keep it to Yourself

If you do land an acquaintance or friendship with a celebrity, don’t go telling the world and posting your conversations to the world. If you’re friends, they’ll see this and you’ll be right back in the fan zone. Play is cool, but not too cool to where you’re just constantly trying to impress them. If it slips that you’re texting Johnny Depp, that’s one thing, you can brag a little and bask in the feeling. Just keep it quiet to the world, and don’t give out their phone numbers or anything like that. That could cause serious problems.

You’re new celebrity friend may be closer than you think. It will be interesting to see how the feud unfolds, and if you happen to befriend Drake or Meek, let me know what’s going on behind the scenes.