Get the ABS you Envy

Get the ABS you Envy

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How to Get the ABS you envy. To get ABS have always been one of the muscle groups to make stand out. They take time to develop accompanied by hard work and dedication. One of the more pressing questions – how do we actually get awesome ABS? The answer to that isn’t really definitive. More or less it is relative to what is desired and how much effort is put forth towards achieving that goal of sculpted ABS. So, instead of giving one set workout or one set plan, meal plan, etc. This little gem will help you build a foundation and get an idea of what type of workouts can help set a good foundation towards building a sick set of abs. Here are a few simple tricks to get the ABS you envy. Let’s start with the obvious then get into the goods.

Cardio – Run! Or Walk

If you’re just getting started in your fitness adventure or are just starting to focus on making those ABS really protrude more, cardio is a great place to start. Before anyone can admire those six boulders popping out of your stomach, you’ll have to shave off everything else hiding them. Starting out with just a little cardio at a time will help to shave the pounds in the right places. Yes, even if you have the strongest ABS is known to mankind, but have layers of that “other stuff”, there will be nothing to aesthetically please anyone with. However, if you’re consistent about running, jogging, or even walking a few times a week, eventually you should start to see a difference. Depending on what your goals are you’ll want to make adjustments from when you start and as you go along. Not to mention all the other added benefits of daily cardio like improved heart health, increased metabolism, increased endurance, and many other things to keep you healthy.

The Nitty Gritty

Yeah, yeah, cardio you get it. Maybe you’re already past that point or want more. “Hey Chris, get to the other things!” is something you might be saying to yourself right now. Okay, but before we do, let’s clear some things up like, well, what muscles actually make up our ABS or better yet, abdominal muscles. To keep things simple I won’t go into too much detail. Just enough to give you the gist of things. In a nutshell, you have your “Obliques”, they wrap around your rib cage, Rectus Abdominis – they’re essentially what we think of when someone says ABS, and Transverse Abdominis – they sit under your ribs in line with your “Obliques”. That’s all you really need to know when trying to maybe target a certain area and what not. Excelsior!


Finally! What you came here for…to Get the Abs you Envy! Here are a few of my favorite workouts that always burn:


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Planks are literally just holding the pose you see here for a certain amount of time. The awesome thing about planks is that they’re a good measurement to see where you stand and they hit everything. So, you can’t go wrong with planks. (Side note: if you get tired of regular planks mix it up with different types like one-legged, side planks, or anything.)

Basic Crunch

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The basic crunch is always a good go-to exercise. This is especially true for the novice gym goer. There isn’t too much technique needed to do a basic crunch and just about anyone can do them.

Mason Twist

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To say the least, Mason Twists may not be the best beginner movement out there, but for those who are a little more seasoned, they’re great. The motion is what you see in the picture then rotating to the other side, and that will count as one. You can easily grab a medicine ball or any weight really to up the ante when doing Mason Twists for when you’re really trying to make your obliques stand out.

Squat Jumps

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Squat Jumps do not only get your blood pumping, heart racing, and sweat dripping, but they’re also great for working your core! When you jump you have to use almost every muscle in your body from start to finish. You guessed it, including your ABS. Get a nice deep squat before jumping to really hit your core. Do a few and you will believe.

Start off with the basics and over time you should start to see some great results. Don’t limit yourself to just the few exercises that I mentioned above. Do some digging and find a few, or many, that you think you would enjoy doing or already enjoy doing. Before you run off to start chiseling away at your soon to be a Greek God like body, there’s one last thing to remember. Diet. You can work as hard as you want at building and sculpting, but if your eating habits are poor, most of the work put in will be in vein. So, spare yourself the agony and pack a great diet with great exercise. And be the one that people envy.

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