Get the perfect body without a gym membership

Get the perfect body without a gym membership

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Let’s face it! We all want to look like Emilia Clarke, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift or Beyonce. Unfortunately, Mother Nature hasn’t been equally generous with all of us, so ugly ducklings like myself have to work hard to fit into certain parameters. We may be intelligent and funny and have great personalities, but nobody really notices that at a first glace. People always notice that we don’t have flat abdomens, well defined biceps or thigh gaps.

The good news is that it’s all fixable. With a bit of work you too can end up looking like Taylor Swift or Beyonce and you can stop hating those poor women for being flawless. The sane thing to do is to maintain a moderate diet and start working out. To be honest, when it comes to working out, I’ve always had a problem with gyms. I’ve only tried going to the gym for a couple of times and it was definitely not a pleasant experience. It’s probably because I’m one of those extremely self – conscious persons and I swear to god that I kept feeling that every single person in that gym was staring at me. I was well aware that it was all in my head but that didn’t keep me from feeling uncomfortable. Apart from that the idea of sweating under the same roof as who knows how many other people is somewhat unsettling to me.

Instead of just giving up on myself I simply decided to be my own personal trainer and forget all about complicated equipment and painful exercises. I already knew my goals: I wanted Taylor Swift’s flat abdomen, Beyonce’s behind and Emilia Clarke’s thigh gap, but without looking like a supermodel version of Frankenstein.

The first thing to go was the junk food, which I’ve successfully replaced with home cooked meals, with fruit and vegetables. Of course that’s not enough, so I’ve also started working out. Well, “working out” may be an overstatement. I’ve just started being more active and exercising without actually working out.

First of all, let me just tell you that ten minutes of stretching in the morning can work wonders. This is the perfect way for me to jumpstart my day before I get to the coffee pot. I guess it improves blood flow or something, because at the end of those ten minutes I feel really refreshed, not at all freshly hit by a train.

One of the things I desperately wanted was a thigh gap and, more importantly, Beyonce’s behind, so I’ve started walking. Everywhere! I completely forgot about driving or taking the bus. My friends even started making fun of me and calling me Forrest Gump, but that didn’t stop me. I even invested in a bike for longer distances. Of course, they then started calling me Lance Armstrong and even that was worth it. A couple of weeks into this and I could really see the results. The thigh gap was there, but there was still some room for improvement.

Us, girls have a thing about dancing. I can’t explain why, but we seem to enjoy dancing more than guys. I recently signed up for some dancing lessons. This helped me not only to achieve my perfect figure goals, but I’ve also learned some wicked moves to go with my new curves. I get to dancing every time I have a few spare minutes because it’s a great and fun way to exercise and get my sweat on. Thank god for understanding neighbors who also seem to be Beyonce fans (yes, I have a thing for “Put a ring on it”).

There are a lot of things I’ve also included in my schedule. Anything from swimming or going on hikes with my friends and even cleaning up around the house (I mean REALLY cleaning and scrubbing). I gave up on binge watching TV shows and refocused my energy on things that are actually good for me. Being active is what helped me lose weight, sleep better and be healthier. It got me closer to a Taylor Swift figure and who knows, it might also work for you.