Glamorous and Comfortable Heels

Glamorous and Comfortable Heels


All of us have been there, we have fell in love and got hurt. For the ladies, we could assume that we experience it more often than the others; and I’m not only referring to love affairs with the other gender, but also to our fondness for heeled shoes.

We’ve been there; a stunning pair of shoe caught our attention just like love at first sight. We knew we’d be perfect with each other, no matter how people disagreed. We believed that it will work out. So we insisted, gambled and grabbed the chance. We took those illusory shoes home with a hope that it will turn out just right. As soon as we had the most appropriate day for the pair, we walked with it bravely thinking that we could bear whatever pain it might bring. Just like what usually happens, at the end of the day we wept in disappointment, because again we reached home with intolerable ache from blisters and swollen corn. So we thought, maybe love really had to hurt

Guess what? It doesn’t. We could flawlessly wrap it up: that sexy cat-walk and jaw-dropping style pain free, and far from wince. We just have to invest in the right brands that could give us utmost comfort and flair. So when choosing a pair of lovely, high-heeled shoes, consider these best brands that are known for comfort and fashion. Catch endless errands with no infliction to pain with these glamorous and comfortable heels:

Nine West Martina Pump

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Nine West’s best heeled pair so far is Martina Pump which could be the best pick for your daily adventures to the office. Its 4” heel is perfect to give enough added height for casual yet sophisticated hectic days when you’re expecting lots of walks (aka business meeting days). Its pointed toes also add class to its overall style that you could definitely carry anywhere you go. It has soft, light and genuine leather which are added perks for its toughness, but would gently touch the skin that wouldn’t lead you to any blister. It is available in different colors to match whatever outfit your mood insists; whether you’re feeling a ragged wear with distressed pair of jeans or you’re planning to be all dolled up in a sweet, tiny, posh dress, Nine West’s Martina Pump would be a perfect mate!

Cole Haan

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Though Cole Haan and Nike have officially parted ways, Cole Haan hasn’t set aside its goal to shoe perfection and comfort. When Nike Air technology was incorporated to Cole Haan’s series of pairs, they have marvelously produced the most skin-soothing high heeled shoes in the planet. Some of them were Air Tali wedge, Air Lainey and the Air Chelsea pumps, which luckily could still be found online. Glad to say that even though without Nike’s help Cole Haan have managed to continue its long-standing reputation for comfort by introducing a new Grand.OS cushioning, where tons of feedbacks from consumers claimed that they never felt any difference.

Rebecca Minkoff

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Rebecca Minkoff produces the hottest heels that many celebrity stars have adored. Specifically, Rebecca Minkoff’s Ivy Ankle-Strap d’Orsay Peep-Toe Pump gets massive attention due to its amazing combination of sexiness, sophistication and ease. It has suede interior that surely favors the skin, and its 4” heel is sturdy that won’t make anyone teeter to rocky roads, even on cobblestones. Any lady could successfully pull off a drooling cat-walk with noticeable class in confidence. Rebecca Minkoff’s Ivy Ankle-Strap d’Orsay Peep-Toe Pump would help you get through the night, totally owning a luring poise without having any desire on switching to your flats.


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If you’re really aiming for comfort, choose Aerosoles’ and it will never go wrong. This company has been pursuing comfort by investing in the most reliable materials to succeed on their goal. It has been victoriously carrying its reputation as the producer of the most comfy shoes that are also as stylish. Aerosoles uses what it calls diamond flex soles to absorb shock, cushioned foam foot-beds and a heel rest design, which is created to allocate the body’s weight toward the heel and away from the ball of the foot. They have a long list of heeled shoes that are perfect for casual and sophisticated parties, regular days at the office, or for your most awaited date night. Whether you’ll need to stand or walk for hours, or dance for the whole eve, Aerosoles series of shoes are carefully designed to prevent pain and sore feet.