How to Nail Adele’s MakeUp

How to Nail Adele’s MakeUp

How to Nail Adele's MakeUp

Adele has been constantly dazing the world with her engaging songs of heartbreak and touching bliss. She has proved her title of being this generation’s diva with her numerous awards and recognitions. Even the music industry’s most renowned personalities sang and wept with her ground-breaking singles such as Rolling in the Deep, and her newest single Hello.

Aside from Adele’s stunning talent, what also caught our attention is her signature make-up and style. Adele never fails to own a classic look, setting a fascinating fad that everyone adores. How she does her make-up is one of the most important tricks you need to acquire if you desire to copy her style. Her make-up style is an impressive combination of sultry and firm; just like how a real diva carries impelling drama wherever she goes. Here are some useful tips of how to nail Adele’s diva-like makeup:

Begin with the Blush

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Make-up connoisseurs sure have noticed how Adele chooses her blush; and she always goes for understated tones. It works perfect for her, together with her nude lipstick and eye-shadows, Adele’s blush emphasizes her facial features while balancing the totality to be humble and subtle. Choosing understated blush is also a good pick to highlight your cheeks without over-bragging it with bright colors. Just like how Adele does it, her blush comes as an afterthought rather than making it as a headline. To mimic Adele’s pallet pick, use blush shades between cream to medium pinkish peach.

 Go for Contours

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One of the most noticeable features of Adele’s make-up is her sharp contours. It adds magnificent edges of her face, and accentuates her jaws and cheeks. It is a pre-requisite step to achieve Adele’s style, and should be done rightly to complete the look. To create contours, choose a liquid foundation that is one shade darker than your skin. Blend it around the outer edges of face such as upper forehead, temples, jawline and chin. And then, grab a liquid concealer in your natural skin tone and apply under the eyes in a triangle shape. Blend well. Apply the same concealer to the areas that the light touches such as the lower forehead, above the top lip, middle of the nose and chin. After blending well all the concealers and liquid foundations, set the face with a pressed powder. The finishing touch would be the understated blush which you should apply from the top of the cheeks outward to your jaws.

Of course, Lippy!

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Never forget to tint those lips. Adele usually goes for either of her two favorite shades. She uses these colors to nail that classic-sophisticated look, and that would be matte nudes or bright red. Apply a lipstick liner of your choice on the outer sides of the lip to produce a plum effect. Then, color the whole lips generously with your chosen lippy. If you don’t have a matte lipstick, you can just pat small amount of powder on your lips after applying the lipstick to give it a matte texture.

Alluring Cat-eye

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If you have seen Adele’s newest album cover, you would have noticed the quintessence of winged-eyeliner drawn perfectly on the diva’s eye. This make-up trick as well has been one of Adele’s signatures as an artist. It is the most vital step in doing her make-up that completes the mimicry of her style. To begin, choose a champagne-colored shadow, and blend it well all over the eyelids. Then use a blender brush to apply a soft brown shadow at the creases of the eye. Apply a darker shade of brown (i.e. espresso) only at the outer edges of the eye to create a smoky-eye effect. Blend the colors well, and then fan out your lashes. Attaching fake lashes is optional when you think your lashes are not long enough. Apply the darker shade of brown shadow at the lower part of the eye, but not too much. Apply just enough amount that would add emphasis to the eye. Grab your choice of liquid or gel eye liner for doing the winged eye. Begin by drawing a line on top of the eye, close to the eyelids. Build up the line you have drawn until it becomes dramatically thick, but not exaggerated. Create the wing at the most outer part of the eye, near the creases. Carefully create just a single line with 45 degrees angle, and then connect this line with the thick line you’ve made near the eyelids until you make a triangle shape. Fill the inner section of this triangle using your liquid or gel eye liner. To visualize the steps in doing the winged liner much clearer, check-out this Youtube tutorial.