Looking Like JLo at 50

Looking Like JLo at 50

Get your supreme JLo body dream

Jenny runs around the block
SOURCE: photo by @jlo on Instagram

We all know how hard it is to get up on your feet, wear those gym clothes, and go do a workout. It’s such a chore, and who wants to be covered in their sticky sweat? No, thank you! Plus, we’re almost sure we’ll eat right up what we just burned anyway. So why bother?  Well because we all want want to be looking like JLo at 50.

It’s not about weight loss, but rather living a happy and healthy lifestyle. We don’t want to be droopy by 40. There’s someone we can all envy and look up to in the fitness department.  She’s been maintaining an amazing figure at 45.  There’s no denying that this mother of two, world-class entertainer is aging gracefully.

Most people her age have a drastically slower metabolism rate. So how on earth does she still have this bod? It’s not too hard to jumpstart your simple fitness regime!

1. Set realistic goals 

So you’re a beginner. It’s all right to do light workouts first! We all have to start somewhere and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You can only do 15 minutes of cardio? No problem, and just keep trying! Make sure to track your progress and match your skill level with your workouts as you get the hang of things. Rest days are totally acceptable, too.

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2. Switch it up! 

Other people have no problem sticking to a routine, but it can be boring to do the same type of workout every day. Spice things up by walking your dog, biking around the village, or race your friends in swimming a couple of laps. Bonus: biking and swimming are both cardio workouts. You can also play team sports like volleyball or table tennis—that way, you can make workouts a social activity!

3. Healthy eating habits 

You don’t have to count calories, but instead be mindful of the amount of food that you’re eating. You’re going to want to train your tummy to eat less sugary and fatty foods, drink more water, and get some protein and veggies. Let it be a gradual process—you wouldn’t want to upset your stomach. And you’re allowed to eat your favorite treats, but everything in moderation.

A healthy lifestyle also involves conditioning the mind. If you keep thinking that working out is a burden, then it will be! Get yourself off of that couch and think of the amazing things it will reward you in the long run. You might even outshine J-Lo’s hot bod!