Luxury budget travelling – it’s not impossible.

Luxury budget travelling – it’s not impossible.

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I don’t know about you, but I get incredibly jealous when I see friends or celebrities share pictures of their beautiful travels, staycations spent at beaches with incredible and majestic views. Travel is an extremely popular activity amongst young adults who love exploring and learning about different cultures and meeting different people.

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Looking at that clear water, pristine beaches, amazing sea views and beautiful resorts, you know you’re in for a relaxing and exciting time. However, there’s no need to pay any exorbitant price for a getaway like this, and even more so your own custom-made personalized vacation. Here’s some suggestions that you can follow to enjoy your very own stylish and elegant travel experience.


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Most people don’t realize what wonders early planning and saving can have for a person. When you decide early on where and when you want to travel, you grant yourself greater leeway and more freedom when it comes to budgeting for travel and accommodation. With proper planning and budgeting, you give yourself the opportunity to cut back more on certain areas that you wouldn’t have seen possible without that extra time.

Start your travel plans by firstly deciding on a budget. Take the time to gauge your costs by factoring in issues like travel destinations, your itinerary, accommodation, costs for shopping and food and most importantly your choice of airlines and flights. As long as you balance these costs against each other to match your budget, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to win yourself that dream luxury vacation all at an acceptable cost to you.

One other reason to plan early is that you’ll be able to watch, wait and take advantage of package deals for holidays and flights. As the saying goes “the early bird catches the worm”, you’ll be able to save up to 25% on the advertised prices, or enjoy the certain benefits that travel agencies include in their package deals such as free airport to accommodation transport, which of course, lets you direct more of your budget towards having a more lavish accommodation or travel destination.

Lastly, it is common knowledge that prices for plane fares rarely dip, and in fact increase shockingly when nearing your travel dates. Although certain long haul prices are often sky high, search for travel deals that airlines offer for example 2-for-1 travelling deals that allow you to travel to more luxurious locations at half the original cost. Begin your search for flights 9 to 11 months before your travel dates to secure the best deals for yourself!

Apart from planning for your vacation early, take time to create the perfect itinerary for yourself. Having an itinerary will help you to optimize your travel time and allow you to achieve tough plans leisurely! There are plenty of online itinerary-making tools that will give you the tools to building your own dream travel experience, delicately put together to create your flawless and effort-free vacation.

Having your own travel itinerary allows you to pick where you want to visit, as well as the activities you want to include in your experience. To maximize your travel time, arrange your sightseeing in the order of their destinations so that you won’t waste time needlessly on travel when in fact you could be out there having the time of your life! By planning your itinerary ahead, you will also have a better idea of the costs of your activities and travel plans, and be able to control your expenditure by opting for cost-free sightseeing instead of spending unnecessarily. Once again, this will allow you to enjoy the perfect, low-cost vacation.


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It is no doubt that travel fares and accommodation prices will rise during holiday breaks since families would only be able to take their children or loved ones abroad during these periods of time. If you are able to, avoid these peak seasons – think of the concept of demand and supply. With a higher demand for holidays and travel, travel agencies, hotels and airplanes would naturally raise their fees in order to increase their earnings.

Even as you book your travel during off-peak seasons, there are certain days where plane fares would be marginally higher i.e. Fridays to Monday, with travel being cheaper on Tuesday to Thursday. Do also consider the time at which you’re travelling as certain travel times during the day would in general be more popular and be at higher volume.

Avoid travel periods close to holidays. Holidays can be difficult especially since fares will rise to extraordinary heights with consideration of the concept of supply and demand. In general, to get the most out of your money, be flexible with your travel dates and times so as to take advantage of off-peak travel.


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One other consideration that you can opt for is to purchase a travel package deal, i.e. as offered on travel websites like Expedia. A travel package will save you the trouble of planning, whilst ensuring that you have a memorable and cost-efficient holiday experience.

So what exactly are the benefits of choosing a travel package? Firstly, a travel package will help relieve a little stress on your pocket! Travel packages often consist of a flight + accommodation combination, often at prices considerably lower than booking these places separately on your own. Travel sites may have connections with certain hotels or airlines and thus are able to offer you more affordable accommodation and flight prices. Even with these low-cost packages, these hotels aren’t any less luxurious than those you book on your own. You are able to choose your airline, your travel time as well as the accommodation option, all according to your own personal preference. Of course, with every choice, this will affect the cost of your overall travel package so you will be able to tailor your travel options according to your own budget and still be able to have that fancy and luxurious experience you so desired.


It’s really not difficult to create your own vacation that is just as magnificent and splendid although all at a low-cost. By just following these tips, you’ll be able to have your own personal vacation in just no time at all. It’s time to whip out your summer or vacation clothes, get your camera ready and it’s time to show off your own personal vacation and make everyone jealous!!

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