Sarah Jessica Parker Vs. Your house

Sarah Jessica Parker Vs. Your house


Everyone wants an elegant and comfortable living room, but only a few of us manage to achieve a fashionable one too.  Here are a few living room ideas that will make your guests envious and want to stay there forever, although that may not be what you want.

Introducing Sarah Jessica Parker’s living room as an example.  A very bright and colorful space that mixes the elegance of entertainment and comfort for relaxation.

There is always a variety of colors that work well together, its your job to figure out the combination that works for you and showcases your character.  In this case, the walls or your canvas is white, so you can decorate using multiple colors and textures throughout. What made Sarah’s room special are the accent pieces she introduced.  Lets pay special attention to the following living room ideas and accents:

  • The straw chair gives a unique look to this living room. You generally find these at your local markets or bargain shops at a very low price.  It immediately brings a casual relaxed feel to any room. Simply add green, red or brown colors throughout to draw from the straw color.
  • Two white tables very simple looking merged into one. Make your own! Have a carpenter engrave some decorative details, just make sure you paint it in the color of the walls to keep a balance in the midst of everything else.
  • If you have an old sofa, get it re-upholstered to fit your colors scheme.  Extra material is always great to make pillow cases.  Match one of the chairs in the room with your pillows, white and green on brown always works.
  • Add some family photos or things that make you smile around you.  You can always use light textured wallpaper on accent walls, along with other accessories.

If you want a more colorful room or added energy, try incorporating yellows or oranges. Have fun with it, after all it should be something you’re comfortable with.  There is no right or wrong simply trial and error.