That thigh gap, though.

That thigh gap, though.

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How to achieve a thigh gap, one of the most controversial topics to hit worldwide social media platforms in recent times has been regarded as one of the landmark qualities of a woman’s beauty and worshiped by many across the world. However, a strong proponent against the cult symbol exists as healthcare experts from various fields highlighting the potential negative physical and mental effects that would subsequently lead to eating disorders and psychological issues; influenced from extensive exposure to peer influence and social media.

But honestly, away from the all the petty squabbles between the obsessed and the naysayers, ask yourself who wouldn’t want to look glamorous in their everyday outfit? To convince you of the thigh gap’s appeal, here are just a few of the many reasons why you should go against the trend (where thigh gaps have been chastised), get in shape and look great! After all, you have nothing to lose at the end of our targeted exercise regime, even without that thigh gap, you would have a jump start that habit of a healthier, fitter lifestyle.


Aesthetics: Looking Fab with Anything and Everything

You want to look good in what you wear, you want the freedom to put on any outfit from the shelves and just pull it off. Usually unflattering outfits such as skinny jeans, bandeau skirts and shorts would be a breeze for you when summer rolls in. Most outfits that you wear would inevitably reveal your towering legs and the presence of a thigh gap would be a head turner! One could definitely use that extra vote of confidence when you are in the midst of bustling crowds, going along your merry way.

Physical Comfort: Not Heating Up the Groin with FRICTION

Do you know that feeling when your groin just catches fire? I’m not talking literally here, but that friction between your thighs does hurt and darken after going about your day without adequate Vaseline or some form of lubricant. A thigh gap would inevitably reduce the surface area for friction, making it more comfortable for you whilst creating the illusion of slimmer legs, giving you the best of both worlds for your nerves and your appearance. Say goodbye to those painful screams you have in the shower from those abrasions.

Illusion: Looking Taller Until a Tall Friend Comes Along

You have probably envied your friends who are taller than you? Hate that you have “Genetically Short Genes”? One of the most common phrases you should have come across that “Slimmer makes you taller” is undeniably true. The illusion of height is one of the advantages that follows having a thigh gap as it enhances the length of your legs, emphasizes and compliments the shape of the body as a whole.

Because Its a Secret Sinful Desire and/or Indulgence

A search on Google for the term thigh gap would produce results reflective of a mini online revolt against the idea as a whole. It’s a common misconception that having a thigh gap requires one to skip their meals or to stick their finger down their throats, in fact, it is not a sin to have a thigh gap or wanting to have one, as long as the approach in achieving it involves a balanced diet as well as a manageable exercise regime that incorporates adequate rest. I respect girls of all size and shapes, we each bring our own unique flavour into the mix, but I would salute the girls for attempting to achieve a healthier image of themselves because I’ve tried and it isn’t easy.


Don’t feel as if there’s nothing you can do to get a thigh gap because there is. It’s definitely possible to slim down your thighs, but remember, time and effort are your best friend and you must be patient in order to achieve the results that you want! Here are a couple of exercises that you can do for that ever so elusive thigh gap!

Number 1


Difficulty 3/5         Pain 4/5

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Plie squats are famous for giving you a tighter butt and gives your butt that extra boost it needs. If you want firm thighs and to be attractive like Cassey, get out of your chair and let’s get started with this series of exercises!

First, stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulder-width, and point your feet outwards. Put your hands on your hip, tighten your core and keep your back straight. Squat down into a deep squat, with your arms at your side, clasp them or keep your arms straight out parallel to the ground.

By squatting till you’re almost parallel to the ground, you are essentially stretching the inner thigh muscles, and helping to tone and make them lean, which will in turn slim down your inner thigh area and help you create a thigh gap! I would recommend that you do at least 50 reps of this a day.

Alter the number of repetitions based on your current fitness level and remember not to strain excessively, from my own experience, you may sprain your muscles which would then put you back on a couple day’s work! Do also add weights to your body when it becomes too easy, so that you increase the resistance and speed up the rate of toning of your thighs.

If you do need help in getting a workout buddy to spring start your exercising journey, celebrity fitness blogger/ vlogger Cassey Ho provides workout videos that incorporates catchy music and consistent motivational phrases to keep you on track!

Number 2


Difficulty 2/5         Pain 2/5

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If you want a toned and defined inner-thigh gap, grab yourself a yoga mat and kneel on all fours in the position as shown in the picture. Make sure that your core is tight when you are doing this exercise if not ½ the work will be wasted! With your right arm reaching out to your side, keep your knee bent and lift your leg up behind you whilst your foot is flexed. Make sure that you keep your thigh aligned with your back.

Following this, cross your left knee back behind your right knee and then repeat the above step. Slowly bring the knee back to your starting position, and the end the first repetition off by bring it towards your chest, and then back to your resting position.

For effective results, repeat this exercise on each side for about 15 to 20 times. Do add ankle weights should the exercise get too easy for you.

Number 3


Difficulty 3/5         Pain 3/5

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Side inner-thigh lifts are one of the most popular exercises for firming up your inner-thigh area. Nicole Scherzinger’s exercise routine focuses on building muscle and a strong lower body, which you can achieve with this routine. Just a heads up – Although you’re lying flat down on your yoga mat, it’s not as easy as it looks so prepare yourself for some tough, but good work!

Start by lying on your side. Cross your top leg over the bottom leg as shown in the picture above. You may choose to support your head with your elbow or rest it on your arm. Make sure that your body is parallel to the floor and that you are keeping your torso locked in position. Lift your lower leg up and down, in straight repeated motions for at least 20 repetitions before switching to lie on your other side and doing the same. You can also make little adjustments to this workout if you want to challenge yourself, for example by forming small, controlled circles with your lengthened leg whilst lifting it up in the air! For that exercise, simply circle 10 times forward and backward before switching sides. Make sure that you lower your leg to the ground slowly to avoid any sudden movements and injuries.

Number 4


Difficulty 2/5         Pain 2/5

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This is actually a pretty easy exercise that can be done on a yoga mat, and even your own bed on days where you’re feeling a little lazy! This exercise can help you achieve that bikini-ready shape Katharine McPhee is famous for.

Lie down flat on your mat and hold your legs up at about a 50 to 60 degree angle (all again depending on your comfort levels) and cross your feet as such in the picture. Following this, open your legs wide into a ‘V-shape’ and then cross them over each other again. Not only will this exercise help to tone up and stretch your inner thigh muscles, it’ll also help to tone up your abs and core. Repeat this exercise as many times as you want, but do make sure that you do a sufficient amount often enough in order to see results!

Complementary Pointers to Note

Number 1: DO CARDIO

The above exercises will only help with toning your thighs and will not actually help you substantially with losing the mass on your thighs! For the most effective results, you will have

Another way to eat smart is also by including superfoods into your diet. Superfoods are foods that are said to make your body burn more calories to digest than the amount of calories the food itself contains. This means that by eating those superfoods, you are gaining negative calories and this will be an effective tool for weight loss.

Although there has yet to be scientific evidence or a determinative conclusion on this theory, superfoods are still healthy food options and can, and should be part of your diet for a healthy lifestyle.

Some examples of superfoods that you can add into your daily meals include apples, eggs, salmon, oats, low-fat yoghurt, avocado and quinoa.

Number 2: EAT CLEAN

If you want to slim down, remove junk food entirely from your diet. It’s good to have a cheat day every week, but do make sure that you restrict yourself from sweets and junk food as much as possible, and instead fuel your sweet tooth with healthy foods such as fruits. Remember, you are what you eat.

Clear out all trans-fats from your diet. Trans-fats are the main contributors to heart diseases and high cholesterol. You can find them in places like fast foods, processed snack foods, fried food, shortening and margarine. If you’re unsure about whether you’re putting trans-fats into your body, just go ahead and check out the nutrition facts on the food. You should get an answer, so there’s no excuse for you!

Sugar is also another major reason why we put on weight. Processed sugar contains plenty of calories that have not much nutritional benefit. By consuming this type of sugar, you are eating “empty” calories and as such are putting on weight that your body does not need. Avoid artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame or saccharine that are found in diet drinks as not only do they make you put on weight, they have the potential to increase your risk of heart attacks and other diseases.

Number 3: EAT SMART

When you’re dieting and cutting out food from your diet, it’s natural for your stomach to start protesting and getting hungry at all the wrong times. To counter this, it would be wise to take foods that help you stay full for longer, whilst giving you all the nutrients that you need. For example, eat foods that are rich in fiber. Fiber is nutritional, and your stomach will also take awhile to digest, thus taking up more space in your stomach and giving you the impression that you are full.

Here are some examples of food that is rich in fibre –

  • Fruits and vegetables: Popular choices are celery, apples, spinach, cabbage, etc.
  • Whole grains: Opt for brown rice instead of white rice. Take in whole-wheat bread, and try to avoid the regular pastas but choose wheat-based pastas.
  • Nuts and beans: Black beans, almonds, pistachios, pecans, lentils.


You’ve got to stop binging. As a friend once said, “A moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips.” Stop overeating and be more conscious about your calorie intake. Small restrictions will make a difference over a period of time, so start keeping a food diary. You can either opt for using a diary, or you can choose to use online calorie tracker applications such as CRONometer or MyFitnessPal. Try to be consistent at tracking your calorie intake so that you will have a better overall view of your entire weight loss journey.


As Cheri K. Erdman says “Healthy emotions come in all sizes. Healthy minds come in all sizes. And healthy bodies come in all sizes.”Nobody ever said that getting fit and achieving the body you want was going to be easy. Once you set out on this journey, you need to put in the dedication and the hard work if you want to see results. Don’t let yourself give up. Be patient and kind to yourself and with time, you will see results and love your body and yourself for the new healthy lifestyle you have become accustomed to.