The truth about women’s magazines

The truth about women’s magazines


I’m going to tell you guys a little bit of something about women’s magazines. Those glossy, brightly colored, know – it – all magazines that make women feel bad about themselves. Those insanely popular pieces of paper that get to decide what’s good and bad, what’s trendy, what’s fashionable, what’s desirable, what women should look like, how women should act and what they should strive for.

To be honest, I actually envy the people who get to call the shots. I envy the writers and the editors who get to tell us that there are some standards we need to fit in. I envy the photographers who Photoshop all the pictures and cover up all the wrinkles, all the fat belies and all the double chins. I would trade places with any of these guys in a heartbeat, because women need to know that “perfect” is a notion that has different meanings for each and every one of us. Even more than that, women need to learn to be okay with what and who they are.

I deeply hate all the Cosmos, Elles and Glamours because of what they represent, because they are shallow, small and unimportant and they want to make us feel the same. I hate them because they never approach subjects with substance. Instead of talking about women’s rights, domestic violence or child abuse, they tell us about lip gloss and face masks and diets. They give us tips on how to achieve the perfect body and how to have perfect sex. And you know what the most frustrating thing about all of this is? It’s the fact that we believe them! We‘ve heard these things so many times that we’ve been practically bullied into believing that we’re fat or old or unattractive. We end up staring at ourselves in the mirror and hating the person looking back at us.

So here’s the thing about all those problems you think you have: you are actually the only person in this whole wide world who sees them. So stop being so hard on yourself and instead of spending your money on those stupid, moronic magazines, do something for yourself.  Go for a walk or buy yourself a nice scarf and by all means stop staring at yourself in the mirror.

So you think you have a few extra pounds? Then go to the doctor and see what he has to say about this. Ask him if it’s healthy to lose weight or ask him how to lose weight so that you don’t end up killing yourself. So you don’t know what to wear or you don’t know if that bag goes with those shoes? Go with your gut! Be your own trendsetter, be a rebel! Wear what makes you happy, not what you’ve seen on the latest cover! So you are not sure what your partner likes in bed? Ask them! You’re both adults, you can definitely talk about it!

The bottom line is that you need to take back your life! You need to be happy with who you are and you need to learn how to love yourself. There are no standards and there is no pattern you need to follow. You just need to be yourself!