Vacation In Style: How To Pack Like A Celebrity

Vacation In Style: How To Pack Like A Celebrity


It can ruin a trip in one foul swoop–the poorly packed carry on. The moment you step foot in the airport, there is no turning back. Whatever you packed is what you have for the rest of your vacation, and you won’t know if the choices were wise or not until you’ve landed. How can celebs jump from one city to the next and still look downright chic? Is there a special V.I.P spa area reserved for people who’ve made movies with Meryl Streep? Maybe there is no secret in-flight spa, but these tips and tricks are the real answer to how to pack like a celebrity.

Staple Pieces

Versatile staple pieces are the key to an effortlessly cool look when travelling. Emma Watson looks chic and comfortable in a black turtleneck, dark denim, and a camel coat. With the amount of options mixing and matching your favorite basics provides, the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” feeling will be kept at bay.



Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is magic in an aerosol can. Unlike other spray bottle products, dry shampoo won’t make you look like you ran off and joined Poison. Nicole Richie even swears by it as helping to keep her ‘do in check. Try Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo to spruce up your locks at the airport before hitting the town. You can also stash it in your purse for a midday pick me up if your follicles fall a bit flat.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a definite must. They’re comfortable enough to wear during the day, but dressy enough to rock on a night out. Take a tip from Miranda Kerr and add attitude to an outfit with studded boots. Asos’ Agro Leather Studded Biker Boots have the flash of metal and buckles without the $1,000 price point of Kerr’s Chloé pair.

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Minimal Makeup

Keep the makeup to a minimum in flight. There is just something about the environment of the inside of an airplane that makes skin lose moisture. Do, though, bring a facial mist like Avene Thermal Spring Water or Kiehl’s ‘In-Flight’ Refreshing Facial Mist to rejuvenate your face from time to time. They both rack in at under $15 and can be found in drug stores or a local Kiehl’s shop, respectively.



Layer, Layer, Layer

Jet setting like a celeb means being prepared for the weather in any given city at any given time. Stay on top of the ball by packing a simple jacket, sweater, and scarf to layer on your outfit. If there’s no room left in your bags (which is always my problem), sport your outerwear while traveling.


Lastly and most importantly–sunglasses. Jourdan Dunn’s tortoiseshell specs are enviable to say the least, especially paired with that denim jumpsuit. Vacation like an it-girl in these flat top cat eye sunglasses. At only $18, these chunky dark rims are easy on the wallet while giving off an air of mystery.